Sequoia Sake is all about creating fresh, live and accessible sake. We believe the best way to experience sake is to drink it close to the source. That’s why we brew in the heart of San Francisco. It is our belief that the tastiest sake is the freshest sake and just like food, the fresher the better. (Brew local/drink local.) We specialize in Junmai sake which means we use only water, rice, koji and yeast. All natural and nothing added to create the best SAKE outside of Japan.


It’s time to let go those old misconceptions about sake. Sake is one of the oldest craft beverages that has been overlooked or only consumed in a sushi restaurant. It was the same for wine, before the 1970’s wine was only consumed in Italian and French restaurants. Now look where it is or isn’t, its everywhere and served with all kinds of foods. Let’s admit it, we Californians have a love affair with food and yeast has played a critical part in this. Sake is one of the best beverages to pair with a wide verity of foods. Help us, bring sake home, to a dinner party even to your favorite restaurants and let sake enhance that food experience. We have lead the way in American wine, Artisan bread and craft beer, it’s time to lead the way again with Sequoia sake. We strive to create an expression of our love for sake with its full rich flavor that can only be found in Junmai sake. Sequoia Sake is proud to be a part of the new American craft sake revolution.


We set out to create a style of sake that is easy to drink and easy to enjoy. All our sake is Junmai, we only use four simple ingredients: Sacramento Valley rice, Yosemite water, Koji and yeast. It contains no sulfites, tannin and is always gluten free.

We brew in small batches every 45 day all year round to ensure you get the best tasting sake we can make that is always fresh, full bodied and a delight to drink and share. We carefully source each ingredient from the koji that can trace its ancestry back 100’s of years specifically for sake production. Both our Koji and sake yeast are carefully selected to promote each of the local California variety of rice and style of sake we produce. We work closely with all our partners to ensure they have the same care and dedication we have in producing the highest quality best tasting produces we can.

Not all sake is made the same. We do not employ charcoal filtering and we use a fune press to control precisely the pressure which allows us to retain the sake’s true flavors. We produce two distinctly different brands that employ this. Our Sequoia brand is our signature unpasteurized sake while our Coastal brand is bottled pasteurized. Each is tailored to produce the best flavors possible from these two different processes. Sequoia and Coastal each have 3 well-defined styles.


We set out to create a bold bright American style sake and to that end we created Sequoia, an unpasteurized sake like none other.
Genshu, is a full-bodied sake, that is never diluted so it delivers the full flavor of fresh pressed sake.
Nigori, is two sake types blended, nama ginjo for the base and dai-ginjo for the creamy sweetness that delivers a clean taste as it finishes.  We bottle-pasteurize our cloudy sake to lock-in that unique flavor.
Nama, is our go to sake. Designed to pair well with a wide range of food, from fresh garden salads to lightly spicy dishes. Just as the name suggest Nama is unpasteurized with a light fruity aroma making it smooth and very drinkable. We blend it down to just below 15% Alcohol.


We spent over 2 years fine-tuning the precise taste to maximize bottle pasteurize. The key to pasteurization is know when to do it. As sake is being tank conditioned the flavor ebbs and flows, finding the peak of flavor and then pasteurize is the key.
Genshu, is the tamer cousin to our Sequoia Genshu. Its bright flavor shines with a complex subtleness attained through the pasteurization. While you would never heat Sequoia Genshu, Coastal Genshu’s flavor builds with the heat as well as it buttery texture.
Nigori, is a classic old world style nigori. The mild sweetness comes only from the rice, no sugar or flavoring has been added.
Ginjo, is an everyday sake made with a softer touch than Sequoia Nama. Weather taking it to Lake Tahoe for that ski date or a summertime picnic is will always delight.


Nama – Unpasteurized sake
Junmai – nothing added, no alcohol, sugar or flavoring
Genshu – Tank sake, undiluted

Noriko Kamei


Warren Pfahl


Jake Myrick