Cask – Bourbon Barrel-aged Sake

Cask – Bourbon Barrel-aged Sake

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Sequoia’s founders have created a new barrel-aged sake where American frontier spirit meets Japanese tradition. We start with our Junmai Ginjo Genshu sake then age it in American bourbon barrels for 3 months. This unique process allows for a complex integration of flavors. Sequoia’s Genshu brings out the dried fruit flavor, infusing vanilla and smoky-molasses to create a complex, yet still delicate, sake. This is a one of a kind sipping sake to be savored and shared.

Appearance: Pale amber-gold in color.

Aroma: Up-front in the nose with big bold smoky-molasses and subtle notes of vanilla brought on by the American oak with just a mellowing of cocoa.

Palate: Dry, moderate-plus bodied with savory bourbon-like tones on mid-palate. The finish is fresh with sustained, well-rounded dried fruit, lingering just long enough to let you know this is sake, smooth all the way.

Alcohol: 17-18 %

Size: 375 ml

Barrel: American charred oak, bourbon aged in barrel for 24 months.

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  1. Excellent, very smooth Sake!

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