Sequoia Genshu (Unpasteurized)

Sequoia Genshu (Unpasteurized)


*This is an unpasteurized product, which has a risk of quality deterioration if left unrefrigerated for a long period. We ship this product under your own risk and all sales are final once they leave our brewery. Please see more detail in ‘Shipping FAQ’ –

**Refrigerate upon arrival and consume within 3 months

Full-strength sake, luscious on the palate with dried fruits and hints of anise and spice on the finish. Nice for pairing with similarly spicy foods, e.g. curries or charcuterie. Roosters are brash and bold, like the Genshu sake which is undiluted, with higher alcohol content (17.5%) and a richer and deeper taste than the Nama.

In a few words: Rich, dried fruits, earth, spice

Style: Junmai-nama-genshu

Alcohol: 17-18%

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375ml, 750ml


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