Club Member May 2024 package

Sake Club May 2024 Shipment
Welcome to our 10th Anniversary Package


This club package represents a significant milestone for Sequoia, marking our 11th club shipment. When Noriko, Warren, and I began this journey, we had no idea if our sake would find its audience. Would people appreciate the style and flavor of our craft sake? Was there a market for American sake, and would we be accepted in the sake world? A decade later, we can confidently say yes, thanks to your unwavering support over the years. You've helped us shape our dream into reality, and we hope to continue bringing you sake that you love for another ten years.

10th Anniversary Reserve (Junmai Dai-Ginjo Shizuku) The 10th Anniversary Reserve sake is a testament to over a decade of sake-making experience. Crafted with California-grown Yamada-Nishiki rice, polished to the Dai-Ginjo level, and special yeast selected by Noriko, this Junmai Dai-Ginjo Shizuku showcases elegance. Shizuku, a gentle process that separates the sake from the fermenting rice mash without pressure, extracts only 40% of the liquid, resulting in our most exquisite sake. It has a silky texture, a clean, crisp profile, and a profound aroma. Perfect on its own, it pairs wonderfully with spring vegetables or other light dishes.

Serve chilled or slightly below room temperature | Alc.: 16% | SMV: +1.5

Coastal Ginjo (Marin Spring Water edition) This limited edition of Coastal Junmai Ginjo is made with 100% unfiltered Marin spring water, unlike our usual filtered Hetch Hetchy water. This water plays a crucial role in crafting the sake's balanced yet complex flavors, softening its edges and enriching its profile. Its versatile and lively character pairs perfectly with dips, seafood, pasta, or soft and slightly aged cheeses.

Serve chilled | Alc.: 14-14.5%

Coastal Genshu (Calrose Rice) Winner of the 2019 Tokyo Sake Competition bronze medal, Coastal Junmai Genshu is crafted from 100% organic California Calrose rice, polished to the ginjo level at 60%. Its bold and full flavor continues to delight, offering an unforgettable sake experience.

Serve chilled or at room temperature | Alc.: 17-18% | SMV: +6.5