Are you open for tasting?

We are currently taking reservations for private tastings only. Our public tasting has not resumed yet. Please see Visit Us page for details. We also offer Virtual Tasting.

Are you open for selling products?

Yes. Our current curbside pickup hours are 1-4 pm on Saturdays, which is planned to be extended to 12-6 pm as of July 3, 2021.

    I cannot login to your online shop!

    We migrated our online shop to a new platform in the beginning of May, 2021. As we could not carry over login info including passwords to the new platform, all login accounts created on the old platform need to be recreated by each user on the new platform. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

    Where else can I buy your products?

    Our distribution is currently limited within the San Francisco Bay Area. Please see the list of retail shops.

    Where do you ship?

    California, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington

      What are the shipping costs?

      *Please note that following are the new rates introduced on May 2, 2021.
      • $20 per order within California
      • $25 per order for Arizona, Oregon, Washington

      Shipping schedule and transit time

      Your order will be processed within 5 business days, then, will be in transit for 1-2 business days before it is delivered by a courier (usually 1 business day within CA, 2 days to AZ, OR, WA). 

          Do you do cold shipping?

          No, we don’t.

            Is unpasteurized sake OK through transit?

            Ideally, unpasteurized sake should be chilled all the time as higher temperature could cause deterioration by re-activating yeast and enzymes. How long it could be left unrefrigerated depends on the sake and the surrounding temperature.  Our experience with our own unpasteurized sake shows hardly any impact for less than 24 hours and even for a few days in the winter time. Also to be noted is that even if the flavors slightly change, that is not necessary a bad thing. Some people even enjoy subtle aging effects. In any ways, we ship unpasteurized sake under your own risk and all sales are final once they leave our brewery.