Sake Club May 2022 Shipment


More than just water, rice, koji and yeast


The theme for this club shipment is sake and its personality. We try to envision the location, setting where this sake will be consumed, a dinner party, out in the woods on a camping trip, or over pizza with some friends. This helps us set the temperament of the sake and how it should interact with its environment. Each sake is created with the help of the whole team, Noriko, Olivia, and Jake. Each sake also requires a knowledge of method, skill, and time/patience. While we all pitched in to help create the taste, collectively brew, ferment, press, and bottle each of them, it is the one that holds the passion for that individual sake. Perhaps, just perhaps a little of each of our personalities is personified in each sake. We hope you can enjoy each sake’s personalities and spirit. 

PURE DRIP (Shizuku)

PURE DRIP is a Gravity Drip sake, also known as Shizuku.

Friends visiting your home and the conversation is reminiscing and hopeful with a rumble of laughter echoing. Its soft mouth feel, glides smoothly and the delicate fruit aroma holds the moments you are sharing ever more special. By not applying any pressure during the process of pressing, this allows a more pure, soft sake to form.


  Hazy Delight (Usu Nigori)

Hazy Delight is a Usu (light) Nigori.

San Francisco’s summer of love and power of arts and expression are well known. San Francisco is also a mecca for food revolution and artistry. When enjoying some of the historic atmosphere and food of our city it is good to have a sake that can accompany you, your friends, the food, and those special arts and passions you share. Hazy is not your typical Nigori, its one that plays well with all the special foods of San Francisco. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Coastal Ginjo (Pasteurized Ginjo)

Sequoia Coastal Ginjo was the gold Medal winner at the 2019 Tokyo Sake Competition.

With this sake having a certain glow and heady reputation for winning gold, it works well for family gatherings and special celebrations. It is a celebratory, yet comforting sake with its balanced embrace and wine like ease. Another way to enjoy this sake is for a self-pampering night in, accompanied by a warm blanket and a good tune on your headphones while reading that book you have too long put off.