Sake Club May 2023 Shipment


Chocolate, Rice and Water


The theme for this club shipment is chocolate, rice and water. The chocolate comes from our friends at Dandelion Chocolate. The Rice is one of the most loved sake rice, Omachi and the water comes care of mother nature and Arrowhead. 

Chocolate Nigori

Dandelion Chocolate Nigori  

Made with real Dandelion Chocolate's 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador ground chocolate. This makes for a creamy, well-rounded nigori that is rich and profoundly chocolatey. A special sake for the special people in your life. This a savory sake not a sugary sweet sake. Pairs well with robust deep and rich favored foods


  Omachi Rice Sake

Omachi sake  

This sake is brewed with 100% Omachi rice, an heirloom varietal specially grown for Sequoia Sake.  Omachi is known for its rich and complex aromatics, which give rise to the fragrant aromas you taste as you sip on this sake. Combined with its luscious mouthfeel, this bottle is sure to satisfy even the most discerning sake aficionados. Suited for special occasions as well as everyday drinking. Works well with mild or bold-flavored foods.

Coastal Ginjo (Arrowhead water)

Arrowhead water sake

This extraordinary Junmai sake is created using Arrowhead 100% Mountain Spring Water. This unique

approach produces a more refined, refreshing, and thus exceptionally cleaner sake. You will be amazed at how much the water impacts the flavors. This is a soft sake and pairs well with salads, veggie stick, serve chilled perfect for a summer sipping sake with friends