Sake Club Shipment - November 2021

This club package is packed full of sentimentality and adventure. It harkens back to the days of old. Slowly we turn, and step by step, we reopen meeting old friends and making new ones. 

Our theme for this club package is Natsukashii, (なつかしい), which translates to "nostalgia" in English.

"In some cultures, nostalgia is often full of sadness. But Natsukashii, (なつかしい) – which derives from the verb “natsuku”, which means “to keep close and become fond of” – indicates joy and gratitude for the past rather than a desire to return to it. In Japan, natsukashii is a reminder that you are fortunate to have had the experiences you’ve had in life. The fact that you cannot return to those experiences makes them all the more poignant."

-By Erika Hobart


Umeshu (Calrose rice)

Ume, or Japanese plums, was used in making this first bottle in your club package. Umeshu is typically made by steeping ume in distilled spirits with sugar. It is a relatively recent addition to the alcohol consumed in Japan, circa 1697. The early creations of this delicious beverage were made with sake and not shochu. We at Sequoia wanted to bring back this version of umeshu and Noriko was able to find an old recipe that was used for this bottle. We think you will agree the sake adds a lot more character and depth that is missing with the shochu style. 

 SERVE CHILLED or ROOM Temperature / Alc.: 14-15%


Sparkling Sake (Sequoia/Calrose rice)

Each holiday season the requests for Sparkling sake, call out. However, with the supply chain shortage, we will only be making enough for you, our club members.  Well Balanced with a taste of fruit, and just enough acidity to pair well with a wide variety of food, more brut than sweet.

SERVE CHILLED or ROOM Temperature / Alc.: 13%


Coastal Ginjo Nigori (Calrose rice)

Coastal Nigori is your third bottle in this package. A common misconception of nigori sake is that it is "un-filtered". The truth is, nigori sake is one of the most complicated and labor-intensive styles of sake to make because we have to mix filtered clear sake with unfiltered or roughly-filtered sake, and the balance has to be perfect to create a smooth and easy to drink sake that we all love. Truly unfiltered sake is called Doburoku, and this is what all sake used to be before filtration was invented. Although the process of making nigori is quite different from that of doburoku, the texture and flavors are reminiscent of it, which is why we chose to include this bottle in our natsukasii package.

Coastal Nigori sake is Junmai (only water, rice, koji, and yeast), no sugar or flavorings are added. Nigori tends to be on the sweet side of sake, with a fruit-forward nose that works best with spicy or oily foods, like curries or yakitori.

 SERVE CHILLED / Alc.: 14-14.5%