Virtual Tasting

Keep your team, and friends & family connected through fun learning and tasting of fresh, locally brewed sake!

Private Virtual Tour and Tasting via Zoom includes;
- Virtual tour of sake making process
- Guided tasting of three types sake

Virtual Tasting Package

  • 5.2 oz. tasting sample of three kinds of sake – Ginjo, Genshu, and Nigori (for up to 3 people)
  • 375ml bottles of the same set of sake for enjoying later on your own time
  • Zoom meeting ID and password to join a tour and tasting

The tour/experience

Part I (15 min.): Introduction

  • Introduction to Sequoia Sake and getting to know our participants.

Part II (30 - 45 min): Making of Sake

  • We will explain three major stages of sake making with photos and video: 1) Koji making, 2) Fermentation, and 3) Pressing of the sake.
  • We will also cover basic sake terminology and how to smell, drink and enjoy them.

Part III (10 -15 min): Sequoia Sake’s future

  • Growing our own sake rice
  • Free discussions and Q&As for the remainder of the time.

    Virtual Tasting Fee

    • $150 Base charge regardless of the number of participants
    • $75 + Tax + Shipping charge per tasting kit

    *Please contact for reservation and more information.